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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zone Conference - Definitely Good

First things first...I received my box (and envelope with birthday cards and tide to go pens)! Thank you very much. Not only did I receive awesome stuff from my family, my companion's mother sent me an Easter basket, so it was a super d00per zone conference. Thanks a ton for the candy and cards and peanut butter and everything. However, I have a question: was there supposed to be an SD card? You are always telling me to take pictures but I hardly have any space left so I can't snap away all day. Apart from the package I had an American burger (the BK quadruple stacker), and super good ice cream, and joked about seeing Iron Man 2 (there is a cinema adjacent to Burger King).

Zone Conference was definitely good. It may have been my last time seeing President and Sister Olsen (but I think I am staying here another transfer and they are coming down for a day, so we'll see). He gave us his parting advice and then I had my last interview with him, received a blessing and he drove us to the bus terminal and we barely made it on time. It was also good to see the other missionaries, since apart from my district I hadn't seen anybody for nine weeks or so.

I had to scrape paint off a wall all morning in the chapel in the city of Merlo. But it's okay, because I then was able to watch the Boston Celtics beat the LA Lakers in game five of the NBA finals and watch the Italy/Paraguay soccer game (they tied 1-1).

This week Elder Bushnell and I put in some good hours and did some work. We found a twentyish year old young man who had been taught a little over a year ago and invited us to come back. So I'm excited for him, especially after having an additional year of preparation :)

Thank you all for your love and support. I have been blessed with an amazing family and an amazing support group of family and friends...speaking of friends: Hannah wrote me a letter and attached with it a knitted beard so I can feel like I don't have to shave everyday (I'll attach a picture next week). You're the best and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for the blessings you are and for all the prayers I receive. Have an awesome week.



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