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Monday, June 21, 2010

Same Area - Different Companion, Kind Of

Indeed today is transfers and there are some interesting changes that have taken place. Twelve weeks ago Elder Joseph Cale Flaherty (Gilbert, AZ) and I were transfered to the four missionary area of Villa Dolores. Well, Villa Dolores is now just a two missionary area ready to grow and flourish under those same two elders who were brought out here twelve weeks ago. It's a little weird because we have already worked together and lived together for two transfers, sometimes it felt like we were companions, and now we are. I know his investigators and he knows mine so that's good, and I'll have lunch with members more often now haha. Also, Elder Flaherty's trainer was brought in to serve in Merlo, so he is in the same district as his trainer again.
So some fun stories, grilled some good food for Father's Day, used vanilla cookies for sacrament because no one brought bread, and I was asked Friday afternoon to give a talk on any subject Sunday (better than some weeks in warning though). I also provided service in the form of helping a family move. U-haul does not exist here, so we caried everything to their new house. Luckily it was only two and a half blocks away, but we looked a little silly carrying bed frames, washing machines, dressers, etc in the middle of the street.
I'm excited for this new transfer. There wasn't too much work before, a lot of time was spent trying to find, but now that two areas are combined into one I am looking forward to more teaching and getting people to church and helping people strengthen their testimonies.

I'm glad Tate is continuing practicing his spanish. None of you will know what we are saying next summer (except I'll have to learn Mexican, it's quite a bit different from Argentine). Yesterday was my first time hearing the primary sing for the first time since I started my mission, it was awesome!!(although our primary is three children).

Thanks for everything. Talk to you next week after I get some work done these next six days.



ps thank you for sending me pics every week

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