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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday

In Argentina they have some interesting birthday traditions. They make a cake and put candles on it and sing a song and make a wish and blow the candles out and you get presents. However, being in the position of a missionary you stop people in the street and tell them it's your birthday and they listen instead of reject, especially when you say you are giving out gifts for your birthday (like a song or testimony or lesson pamphlet whatever it may be). What we did that's a little different will be manifest in photos you shall receive. I might have cake with a member next Sunday, if not then no cake :(.

We were cooling down but the past two weeks have been way hot. I don't know what happened. But the leaves are falling off trees which is cool to see, seeing how I've only been stuck in one continuous summer since May of 09. I did buy an overcoat off an elder who was going home, and it's come in handy a couple times seeing how I am in a country without heating. We as missionaries have electric floor heaters (just the hot air fans), and they do not work too effectively.

I traveled to Merlow again last Wednesday and I happen to be back today for the last p-day of the transfer. I'll have transfer news Sunday when we talk. My camping adventure was fun. I have no idea if other people do it. We are all relatively young in the district. And we got the idea because it was nice outside and we wanted to sleep under the's a natural male instinct.

I am eating lots of pasta and a new interesting meat called locro. Locro is cow stomach. Different but not bad. And in the pasta category there are these things called ñoquis which I have come to love. They are mashed potatoes then mixed with flour then rolled and cut into little potato noodles then thrown into boiling water and when they float in the water they are ready and they are one of my favorites and something I can bring back to the states seeing how it's just potatoes and flour then
whatever sauce you want.

I am always speaking English (more like Spanglish). We are four gringos in my house. We are also now teaching English classes on Saturday nights so some people like to practice English in church or lunches or whatever it may be.

Well thanks for wishing me a happy birthday and sending me all your support and love. Love you all. Take care. Talk to you soon.



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