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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Week 5 at the MTC - English No More

My week has been good. Wednesday was hilarious. It was the funeral service complete with a eulogy, talks, and a special musical number. Elder Goodman and I were the pallbearers and took English out to a secluded area in the back corner of the MTC which is hidden by some big trees. We were going to say a few last words and then head back. Once we got there, however, with divine intervention we discovered we had something important to do. At our predetermined location was a shovel! So I dug a hole and we buried the casket we made and with a sharpie wrote a headstone on a rock. It was beautiful. The musical number was written by one of the sisters in about five minutes. The words were such eloquent Spanglish I wanted to cry and mourn but I couldn't help but be happy that he had inspired such beautiful music.
Yesterday a native district I had become close with departed for their respective missions. It's always sad but exciting to watch people leave.
Elder Goodman and I also received some bad news...we're getting new roommates! We are the only obedient reverent mishs on our floor. Security is called almost nightly by the floor under us because they can't sleep with noise my floor makes. I don't wanna have to hurt someone so these new guys best not mess around.
I know nothing new on the flu but nobody has left for Argentina in a month and a half and none of them have leaving dates.Thank you for the bread and for the letters and the emails.
Love you,ELMX

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