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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Week 2 at MTC - Study...Eat...Study...Eat...Gym...More Studying

Hey there. There are seven people in my district as of now. And how the MTC works is you spend all day with your district. We wake and go to our classroom for personal study. Go to breakfast. Go back to our classroom for either a couple hours of personal and companion study, or a couple hours of class with one of our two teachers. Then lunch. Then class for a couple more hours with the teacher who didn't teach us before. Then dinner. Then more class time of either MDT (missionary directed time) or instruction with one of our teachers. We then plan. Then go back to our residence hall.
Gym time is thrown in for fifty minutes Mon and Wed - Sat. Still don't sleep much but I enjoy being here and I'm learning and really love the three sisters and three elders in my district they're awesome (and three of us are from the AZ so it's pretty legit...speaking of legit, apparently no one else uses this word outside Phoenix) .
Thank y'all for the letters you should get yours by the end of the week. I was supposed to meet with an Argentine visa agent today but for some reason it had to be rescheduled.
The elders who help the n00bz are the ones on their way out so I don't do that for several weeks. But yeah hopefully I'll get to see Andrew and D and Colton. I don't really see people outside my distict and zone. But speaking of n00bz...when you're new your name tag has an orange sticker on it. At the end of my first day I didn't throw it away, I just moved it to the back of my badge. Last Wed I moved it back to the front and everybody was welcoming me and being very friendly and giving me the rundown of what I knew and the lady in the cafeteria gave me extra ice cream (they have ice cream on wed for the new elders and sisters). I'm really tempted to do it again but my sticker is losing its stick.
Oh was my first mish haircut. Twas interesting but I still have my devilish good looks, so no worries.

Love y'all. -Elder Lamoreaux

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